Amelia Island Sunset Waves PC 60 min

Episode Summary

Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode... Amelia Island Beach Waves, Sunset, Florida.

Episode Notes

Sunset Beach Waves

Amelia Island, FL

 Just South of the Georgia border is beautiful Amelia island. A perfect place to escape too. Lots of beach access points, rentals, restaurants, and history. I really enjoyed myself exploring the island. 

Here I'm at the beach at 7:15 pm and just hanging out with a few dog walkers and shell collectors as the day winds down to a balmy, beautiful evening. There are a few clouds in the sky, and that's one of the things that I love about east coast beaches at sunset. The clouds are lit up from the west or behind us as we look at them. The colors and definition of the cloud edges is like a changing light show. While not the same as sunrise... I feel that a lot of times there is more energy at sunset... again probably just me.

 - Enjoy!

Location: 30.681704, -81.428567