Cascade Creek, Lower Falls PC 60 min

Episode Summary

Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode... Cascade Creek, Lower Falls in Hanging Rock Park in North Carolina.

Episode Notes

Lower Falls, Cascade Creek

Hanging Rock State Park, NC

On the road to Asheville, North Carolina I stopped in Hanging Rock State Park just North of Winston Salem. Since I was only about an hour North of Winston-Salem, I started the day early to hike down to Cascade Falls on Cascade creek in Hanging Rock State Park. While tis was a fairly decent hike, the last part down to the falls was LOTS of steps... made from both wood and rocks. 

Arriving at the falls there were two areas of interest. The Falls themselves, and as the water was leaving the pool below the falls a wonderful small cascade  as it continued back into the creek.

Here we have the waterfall itself as it falls into the pool. On a hot day I'm told the pool would be full of people. Luckily, today I arrived before the crowds.

I hope you find these cascades a relaxing as I do... Enjoy!

Location: 36.415081, -80.268527 ... Focus. Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.