Gumstand Branch, downstream from Sliding Rock PC 60 min

Episode Summary

Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode... Gumstand Branch, Downstream from Sliding Rock outside of Asheville, North Carolina

Episode Notes

Rushing Water, Gumstand Branch

Pisgah National Forest, NC

In the Pisgah National Forest, one is surrounded by a thick forest in the mountains of North Carolina. Early in the morning after leaving Sliding Rock, the road pretty much followed water for miles as various streams added to the flow.

Just down the road from Sliding Rock, I found this nice medium size flow of water as it wound it's way down the canyon. Fortunately, in this area was a picnic table for anyone to relax and enjoy the flowing water.

Flowing water, like a good size water fall usually ends up being more of a white noise experience. Something like this flow, with a few small drops, in a canyon, while details are often hard to come by (you know that "gurgling" sound), I find these closer to Brown Noise.

So, check out the video and soundscape for yourself, and see where it works best for you. Enjoy!

Location: 35.307968, -82.784044 ... Focus. Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.