Looking Glass Falls PC 60 min

Episode Summary

Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode... Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Park, outside of Asheville, North Carolina

Episode Notes

Looking Glass Falls

Pisgah National Forest, NC

Here in the Pisgah National Forest is Looking Glass Falls. For many people, this is what a waterfall looks and sounds like. At a height of about 60 feet, with a good size pool at the base this flowing water is just majestic. It doesn't hurt that the location of the falls is also a natural amphitheater.

Since it's literally on the side of the road this is a BUSY area. The trip down to the base of the falls is a fairly easy trek... just a bunch of stairs that end up at the base of the pool below the falls.

While I was there, it did get a bit busy with lots of people and families out for the day. Like I've mentioned before, these traditional big falls will almost always fall into the white noise category... and this one absolutely does.

So, when you need a little white noise, check out the video, then while listening to the soundscape you can imagine yourself there in the moment. Enjoy!

Location: 35.296246, -82.769177 ... Focus. Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.