Sliding Rock Falls PC 60 min

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Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode... Sliding Rock Falls, Asheville, North Carolina

Episode Notes

Sliding Rock Falls

Pisgah National Forest, NC

In the Asheville area there is an abundance of waterfalls and waterways. So, I began early one morning and made my way to Sliding Rock. Typically, during warm days you'll find hundreds of people sliding down this rock face into an 8 foot pool below. The drop is about 80 feet. I can just hear the younger kids screaming all the way down.

As I arrived early with the temp about 60 degrees, I had the place to myself. It's fascinating watching the water almost snake side to side as it runs down the face of the rock. The question is... is it just a rock? or a waterfall?  Definitely something different with the visual and the sounds creating an almost hypnotic experience.

I hope you enjoy this experience and maybe find access to some faraway place...

Location: 35.311026, -82.786420